March 25, 2020


These are hard times for the Sports industry. Many events have been cancelled without a date for a possible return. Despite the difficult situation, you should now focus more than ever on sharing your content to your fans, which in return will help you maintain your sponsors.

Focus on a sharing strategy to let people at home re-watch all the amazing highlights you have captured in your channel. It is simple, easy and a great form to keep your fans engaged in quarantine times by creating excitement among fans and potentially finding new ones.

Here are some tips on how to create an engaging strategy to share the content of your channel.

Find your best highlights

The first thing you should do is to find those unforgettable moments that made your fans cheer in ecstasy, laugh and cry. Every week, you should dedicate sometime to look for them within your channel. 

Those special moments can be:

  • Beautiful moments: amazing goals like a half court goal or a bicycle kick, and skilful plays
  • Celebrations: passionate, hysterical, creative and emotional celebrations of goals and titles
  • Funny moments: goal misses, failed skills, crazy football players, referees and coaches, and unexpected moments 

Find a specific number of highlights and divide them through the week. It can be 5 moments per week so you can share 1 per day, or 10 per week, to share 2 moments per day. By doing so you will achieve consistency and regularity, which are crucial factors to generate engagement and growth.

Sharing Options

Sport.Video gives you many solutions to share your content. There are 2 simples ways available to you. 

Social Media

Click on your favourite video, go to the video's right lower corner and you can share it on your social media channels.

You can do it by directly clicking on Facebook and Twitter button or if you want to share the video on other channels, just copy and paste the video link to your preferred social media channel.


Embed a full game or a highlight

If you have a website, you can embed a full game or a single highlight. It is also located on the video's right lower corner. Just copy and paste the embed code on your website and they will be available to be watched straight from your page.

The embed is the best user experience your fans can have. A recommendation is to embed a few games per week on your website and post the link to the page they are embedded on all your social media channels.

Image 004.png

Put an engaging description to the post

Once you have chosen the highlight or game to be shared, you should encourage your fans to interact with you. You can do that by complementing your social media share post with a good description and a set of hashtags.

The use of hashtags increases your reach and brand awareness, as well as it allows your current fans to find and follow your content and its engagement more easily. Every post should have a combination of hashtags. A good combination can be follow by having at least one hashtag for each hashtag type described as follows. 

  • Unique hashtag: this hashtag should be created by you. They should be unique to your channel, for instance it can the name of your team, league, your mascot, etc
  • Location hashtag: use hashtags with the name of your location. It can be your country, city district or the neighbourhood street
  • Trending hashtag: search for popular or trending hashtags that are related to and describe the content you are sharing. Here it is important to be creative, so if your content is about a funny fail, search for a popular hashtag related that

Use your network

If you are a Club, ask your players to actively share the posts all their social media, and in case you are a Federation, ask the clubs and their players to do so. 

Following all these steps will increase substantially your reach. 

Don't wait any longer! Start looking for your best highlights and share them everywhere you can! 

Sport.Video's team hopes you all keep safe and healthy!


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